Stove Top Fire Stop

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Helping you prevent cooking fires

Accidents happen. No one ever intends to start a fire while preparing food, and yet cooking fires remain the #1 cause of residential structure fires. Cooking fires cause an estimated $871 million per year in direct property damage. In a five-year span, reported and recorded cooking fires resulted in approximately 154,000 fires, 4,850 injuries, and 460 deaths. At Millers Mutual, we’ve partnered with StoveTop FireStop to provide our customers with more than 20% off MSRP for a variety of automatic fire suppression products.

The StoveTop FireStop products:

  • Work automatically: dispenses fire-suppressing powder onto fire when flame activated
  • Easy installation: just a click of a magnet or the turn of a screw.
  • Cleans up easily: powder is non-toxic and can be wiped up with a vacuum and a damp cloth.
  • Alerts immediately: emits loud “pop” sound upon activation
  • Five-year replacement cycle: no further inspection or maintenance needed

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Interested in learning more about the StoveTop FireStop products? Click on the link below to access the Millers Mutual StoveTop FireStop customer portal which includes videos about the various products and frequently asked questions.

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10 Ways to Prevent Fire Damage in Apartments & Multifamily Housing

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