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Student Housing Leases

Renting to college students can be a challenge for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t it can’t also be rewarding. By designing your student housing leases with best practices in mind, you can reduce your risk of renting to this population. At AGENCY, we partner with Millers Mutual Insurance, a carrier dedicated to understanding the intricacies of landlord insurance, providing comprehensive, stable coverage landlords deserve, especially when it comes to student housing.

Cybersecurity Risks for Landlords

As a landlord, you collect valuable information from tenants: social security numbers, address histories, account numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, employment history, and income figures. This information would be a gold mine for identity thieves and hackers. Protect your tenants information by adding on Data Response and Cyber Liability Insurance to your businessowners policy today. At AGENCY, we’d be happy to assist you with just that.

Case Study: Property Protection Is Key when Accidents Flare Up

When Mark and Linda bought a student housing rental property to provide themselves with a second income, Linda had no idea what a challenge it would be to manage the property. She soon learned that the cost of fire protection devices is nothing compared to the savings and peace of mind they deliver.

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Why do Landlords Need Insurance?

Student housing can be rewarding for landlords with dependable cash flow and low vacancy rates. However, if you are renting out one or more residential units, you stand to risk your personal assets and lose income resulting from accidents, weather events, tenant damage, injuries, and other liabilities.

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Capitalize on Your Student Housing Investment

Student housing rental property can be a great investment. It’s a high demand, high rent, low vacancy market segment. Of course, you must also balance some of the drawbacks that include a higher rate of turnover and the potential for increased maintenance and repair costs. The best way to capitalize on your student housing investment is with strong hands-on management. Here are some tips to help you prepare and maintain the property, customize the lease, and develop good tenants in order to make your student housing rental business thrive.

5 Steps for Choosing the Right Tenant

What’s the biggest leak to your cash flow? Bad tenants. Choosing who will be your next tenant is a big decision, so don’t make it lightly. Having a stable, reliable renter who is likely to pay on time and take care of your property is the key to profit.

The 5 Reasons Landlords Always Screen Tenants

As a rental property owner, it’s only natural to want the best of the best when it comes to selecting tenants. After all, tenants can make or break your rental business. However, you have many responsibilities to manage on the regular, including dealing with non-payments, routine property maintenance, perhaps a full-time job, and your family life. All of this can be quite overwhelming. We’ve got you covered with a very affordable tenant screening product ideal for landlords who don’t manage hundreds of properties.

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Minimize the Risks

Minimize the Risks of Renting to College Students Student housing is an essential cornerstone of student life for any college or university. This market segment is noted for its dependable cash flows due to high demand. However, student housing is not without unique risks.

Student Housing Claims

Student Housing Rental Property Claims Student housing is an essential cornerstone of student life for any college or university. And while this market is noted for its dependable cash flows, renting to students comes with unique risks. There are many things you can do to mitigate or prevent common claims from occurring at your student housing rental property.

Top 6 Coverages

Top 6 Insurance Coverages & Products for Student Housing Owners While there are several benefits that make renting to college students desirable, it can also come with challenges. Inexperienced renters, damage costs, annual turnovers, and summer vacancies, to name a few. Protect your student housing investment property with the following insurance coverages and products.

Top 8 Coverages

Top 8 Insurance Coverages for Multifamily Housing and Rental Dwelling Property Owners We understand that insurance coverage for your rental property can be expensive. There are so many types of coverages available. Where do you start? Here are some of the most important insurance coverages landlords should have to best protect their investment.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance: A Benefit to Student Housing Landlords As a landlord, you know you need to have insurance on your building, but you may leave the decision to buy renters insurance to your tenants. After all, it benefits them and not you, right? While it’s true renters insurance does benefit tenants, the fact is there are good reasons for landlords to require tenants to obtain this coverage.

Common Winter Challenges

How to Tackle the 5 Most Common Winter Landlord Challenges Being a landlord during the winter months comes with a set of unique challenges. Between periods of low demand, cold weather damage, and traveling tenant woes, you may find yourself with hardships that cut into your profit. Here are some helpful tips to handle your biggest stressors as a landlord during winter weather.

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Protect Your Student Housing Investment Property

Are you a property owner worried about the risks associated with renting to college students? There are several steps you can take to protect your investment property. Our underwriting experts at Millers Mutual will ensure you have the right coverage to protect your investment.

Minimize the Risks Associated With Student Housing

Some people are hesitant to invest in student housing because they fear the worst: high turnover, reliability of first time renters, and increased risk of property damage to name a few. But by premeditating these potential risks, investors/landlords can protect investments while obtaining dependable cash flow. We have compiled a list of ways to minimize risks associated with student housing to help you protect your investment.

Coverage for the Unique Risks of Student Housing Properties

If you house students, a typical apartment building policy won’t protect you against everyday risk. There is a separate set of complex rules when students are tenants. Our student housing insurance product provides unique coverage solutions for owners of student housing properties–coverage that ensures your investments are protected.

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