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It’s different at Millers

When you work with the experts at Millers Mutual, you feel the difference. Click the “hot spots” to see how.
The Millers Mutual Difference

It’s different at Millers. Click the “hot spots” to see how.

The Millers Mutual Difference
Giving back to our customers

We believe in giving back. For us, community engagement is both a corporate commitment and a personal responsibility. We understand that for Millers Mutual to thrive, the local communities we serve must also thrive. Our employees are always finding ways to pitch in and make a difference – and we have a whole lot of fun doing it. We’ve even incorporated Volunteer Paid Time Off days to help support our employees in their volunteer ventures.

Our Community Involvement

Riverside Brokerage Services

Riverside, our in-house brokerage, was created in order to give our agents access to industry-leading products, exceptional underwriting expertise, more opportunities to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and be of more value to our customers. The products and programs offered through Riverside are designed to enhance the core business placed with Millers Mutual and help improve retention, risk profiles and book profitability.

Riverside’s Products & Programs

We believe that conversations and relationships matter

How we insure our customers is just as important as what we insure. We do it with more security, more consistency and more of a personal touch. Our agents know that our underwriters are only a phone call away. You always get the same underwriter when you work with us because we believe relationships truly matter.

Meet Our Underwriters

Tiered enhancements

Creative and flexible underwriting is not about being a low-cost provider. Instead, an insurance program should offer tiers of coverage to suit the individual needs of the customer. By offering this tiered-coverage approach, our agents are able to provide customers with the best possible coverage for their business at the most affordable price.

We know our customers

At Millers Mutual, we understand how small commercial property owners and property managers think, measure their business performance, and judge value. Having a niche focus allows our underwriters and claim representatives to develop deep insights into this business and to provide agents and customers with the best combination of coverage and cost for each unique situation.

Our commitment to the industry

Our employees are invested in the apartment industry. We understand that as an insurance provider, we are liaisons to the multifamily housing industry. That’s why our employees participate in the Certified Apartment Supplier Program through the National Apartment Association. This program gives our employees the opportunity to hear the everyday challenges faced by the apartment manager customer. By immersing ourselves into the apartment industry, we become more knowledgeable and are able to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

We listen to our customers

We have taken the time to more fully understand our customers and what matters to them so we went outside of the typical insurance company box and created a product that works better! BOPprime, our businessowners policy (BOP), includes a revised dwelling eligibility. The typical insurance company box states the lowest limit is 3 units in a dwelling building, so we fixed that – we will go down to 1 unit on our BOP.

BOPprime Highlights


At Millers Mutual it’s important to us to get the right people on board and have our leadership team support those people. Our culture is who we are and we take this seriously. We continue to work year after year to focus on the things that can make our organization better. At the end of the day, we exist to help move our employees’ careers forward and to provide insureds with the best possible protection.

Our underwriters are empowered to make decisions

An experienced underwriter will be able to develop a quote with the best possible protection by incorporating analytics and by listening to the customer’s story. While analytics are helpful in the insurance industry, not every customer will fit into a “box.” At Millers, our underwriters work with agents to find a creative insurance solution so we can tell the customer, “Yes, we’ve got you covered.”