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Wake Up Your Company Culture to Drive Success

March 18, 2016

In today’s ever-competitive business climate, we tend to be laser-focused on better results, better products and a better experience to capture that new top client. We spend countless hours reviewing data and tracking our products, pricing models and brand equity as ways of forecasting our financial success.

But when was the last time you paused to track the strength of your culture, connecting it to your bottom line?

Losing sight of, or under-valuing, your company culture is a common pitfall among leaders at any level and within any industry – including insurance. By putting intentionality behind nurturing your cultural awareness to strengthening the “why” behind your brand puts you on the path to success.

So, what is the first step?

Put energy into getting the right people on board. Keep in mind that some people are extremely talented technically, but if they don’t fit into the workplace culture, they can be detrimental to your company’s success. Diversify your organization. Different perspectives are priceless in moving your company in the right direction. No one group of people has all of the answers.

Next, focus on being intentional around culture.

Have a “we’re in this together” and “I have your back” attitude throughout the entire company. Prove this to your employees by having strong communication, giving employees a voice and removing fear from the workplace.

Two-way communication is key. Inform staff on all external communication prior to distribution to keep them connected and focus on really listening to capitalize on the contribution of your team. Craft programs, such as employee-run committees and an open door policy to foster collaboration and promote honest communication.

“Focusing on your culture must be an intentional, every day item for the leadership team,” said Scott Orndorff, President & CEO of Millers Mutual. “It starts with instilling a why does this company exist mindset and tapping into employees’ need to be recognized, validated and ultimately motivated.”

Orndorff recommends investing in high-impact leadership training to better understand the impact leadership has on the culture of a company.

By intentionally focusing on your employees and their needs you will create brand ambassadors who will effectively communicate your value to your customers, which ultimately will improve your bottom line.

Final Thought: Form a Culture Committee

Forming a Culture Committee is a great opportunity to be intentional and to ensure you are genuinely driving culture from the ground up in a cooperative effort with a team that represents a cross-section of your company. Millers Mutual’s Culture Committee is reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins in order to pull best practices from great companies and incite conversations about the steps it would take to make Millers’ culture top-notch.