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USPS Decreased Service Levels Causing Issues with Delays in Receiving Payments

By January 29, 2021Millers News

We are currently experiencing delays in receiving payments from some of our customers due to the decreased level of service from the United States Postal Service. Some customers have also expressed they are experiencing a decreased window from when they receive a bill in the mail to when it is due because of the situation.

While we do already offer a five calendar-day payment grace period at Millers Mutual (this does not apply to any past due or cancellation notices), we are still experiencing issues with delays in receiving payments via the mail resulting in late payments, policy cancellations, policy reinstatements and their associated fees.

Now is a great time to explore our electronic billing and payments options to bypass the United States Postal Service.  Our enhanced billing portal is a simple-to-use online system providing convenient options for our customers to make payments.

Our customers can:

  • Enroll in AutoPay—Let bills pay themselves
  • Make a payment online, by phone or by text with e-check or credit/debit card
  • Get email and text (optional) reminders
  • Schedule a payment on or before the due date
  • View a bill and access an account from anywhere, 24/7
  • Register for email notifications of when the invoice is mailed out, and still receive a hardcopy

To create an account or pay a bill, customers may click on . Make a Payment on our website.  For access to Frequently Asked Questions about our Billing Portal System, please click here.