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Severe Weather Plan Basics for Your Business

By January 14, 2020April 19th, 2022Education, Severe Weather

Despite some of the milder weather we’ve recently had in our headquarters in Harrisburg, PA, harsh winter weather is surely coming! It’s best to be prepared.  Having a Severe Weather Plan in place before the weather strikes is key to keeping your property, employees and residents safe.

Severe Weather Plan Basics:

  • Review Property Inspection Reports for notation of vulnerable areas. Address these issues before the harsh weather strikes.
  • Create a backup communication method for your staff. If power is knocked out, you will need working cell phones or walkie talkies.
  • Provide residents with an Emergency Contact List. The list should include contact information for office and maintenance staff, as well as local authorities.
  • Ensure that all contracts/agreements with snow removal vendors are up to date.
  • Establish a policy for employees and residents in all buildings to keep the heat at a minimum of 60 degrees to prevent frozen pipes.
  • Consider purchasing a backup generator.
  • Purchase a battery-operated weather radio to place in your first aid kit.
  • Service fireplaces in the fall before winter strikes.

The tips above are not an all-inclusive list of things to do, but they are a solid base for a Severe Weather Plan.  If you would like additional information about severe weather preparation, please refer to the links below.