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How Social Media Can Benefit Your Agency

By September 30, 2019October 1st, 2019Educational Articles

For many agencies, for a very long time, cold-calling, referrals, and door-to-door sales were the way to pick up new leads. There’s certainly something to be said for the hustle of getting out there, shaking hands, and making personal connections. No one can deny that these tactics worked for decades and often still do. However, as the times change, so does your marketing strategy.

A recent study by GlobalWebIndex found that 40% of consumers use social media to research brands and products before they buy. In a poll by Hootsuite, it was determined that 90% of brands use social media to increase their brand awareness.

If your prospects attempt to vet your agency on social media and they can’t find you, they’ll move on, most likely to your competitor. If you’re not on social media, you’re likely losing sales.

Why Use Social Media?

Social media, and Facebook in particular, is a proven way to generate leads for three simple reasons:

  1. Billions of people utilize social media daily.
  2. You don’t need an enormous ad budget to get started, unlike traditional advertising.
  3. Measurable results are available.

Traditional advertising, such as billboards, print media, and mailers can get your message out and it’s also relatively easy to determine the distribution by analyzing traffic on a particular road, a newspaper’s circulation, or simply how many postcards you ordered. What cannot be determined is how many people noticed the billboard, read the newspaper ad or saved your postcard. You can spend many thousands of dollars and may never know the effectiveness. 

With platforms like Facebook, it’s easy to create a simple ad targeted to the prospects you want to attract. If you’re looking to sell personal lines to homeowners with young families in a specific region, you can select that population. If you serve a particular industry, you can set up your ad targeting toward your niche. And, for as little as $200, you can reach a fairly large number of Facebook users who meet the demographics you select. Once your ad is running, it’s easy to see how many people have seen it and interacted with it, including the number of times someone clicked through to your website or landing page. 

Even if you don’t spend money on ads, posting to Facebook and LinkedIn creates a social media presence and increases your credibility. When a prospect does research on your agency, they’ll know you’re actively looking for new business. Sharing on social media is as easy as finding content through carriers, in the news, or just in your own office! 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our Social Media Library for agents. There you’ll find a variety of images and text that you can copy to your own social media platforms!