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Happy National Doughnut Day!

Happy National Doughnut Day!

At Millers, we love our sweets.

We typically splurge on bagels once a month for our company meeting, but who could say no to a doughnut on National Doughnut Day?!

Do you know how National Doughnut Day came about?

National Doughnut Day began as a fundraiser for the Chicago Salvation Army in 1938. Their goal was to help the needy during The Great Depression and to honor The Salvation Army “Lassies” who cooked them for soldiers on the front lines in World War I.

It is now celebrated annually on the first Friday of June. Take a moment today to remember those volunteers as you enjoy the sweet, warm ball of dough!

And, just in case you were wondering, the average American eats 34 doughnuts per year.