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Are Trade Shows In Your Marketing Plan?

Trade shows present a range of valuable opportunities for companies that participate, including meeting potential customers, finding new and better ways of doing business and building a more impressive reputation within an industry. While you may not think of trade shows as a tool to grow your small business, they can have a major impact if you participate properly. Participating in trade shows is part of our overall marketing plan at Millers Mutual. It is a highly focused way to gain an overview of the industry, establish a presence in the marketplace and networking opportunity.

On March 30, 2016, Millers Mutual participated in the Annual Pittsburgh Insurance Day at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA. Three underwriters, an underwriting leader, communications specialist, brokerage leader and agency relationships leader were present at this well-attended event.

“We were thrilled to provide a sponsorship to help make the day possible for our partner agents,” said Katie Gouldner, Corporate Communications Specialist. “At Millers, we embrace personal and professional development to help our employees achieve professional goals and high performance levels. Sponsoring this event gave us the opportunity to also benefit our agency partners with continuing education credits.”

At Millers, our underwriters truly value the underwriter-agency relationship. Our underwriters used this opportunity to meet with their agents face-to-face. According to data from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 88 percent of the attendees at a trade show usually haven’t been seen by a member of your company’s sales staff in the past year.

Connecting with existing clients is not the only benefit when participating in a trade show. We were able to meet prospective clients and make contact with other key people in the industry.

If you are from a smaller company, you may not have the same level of resources to invest in a trade show appearance as a larger business, but that doesn’t mean your small company can’t stand out in a crowd. Be original and share your story. You have the platform to approach your current and prospective clients at a trade show, so take advantage of the opportunity.