Businessowners Policy (BOP)


Businessowners Policy: BOPprime

Millers Mutual gives you even more focus, flexibility, attentiveness & value. Our approach is to work with you to find a creative underwriting solution to be able to tell your customer yes. Here are some of our BOPprime highlights.

ISO Version

We are currently on the ISO 2013 version of the BOP policy. In Virginia, we adopted ISO 2006.

Building Heights

We prefer to write building heights of 4 stories or under.

Tiered Rating & Pricing

Millers Standard, plus three enhancement tiers – Millers Value, Millers Value Plus, Millers Prime. Click here to download a PDF.

Location Limits

We prefer to write limits of $10 million or less, unless adequate separation of risk.

Building Ordinance and Law

Both demolition costs and increased cost of construction – up to $300,000 per building and $600,000 on a blanket basis – are included in the Millers Prime enhancement tier.

Revised Dwelling Eligibility

The industry standard lowest limit is 3 units in a dwelling building, whereas Millers Mutual will go down to 1 unit.

Pollutant Cleanup

Coverage of up to $25,000 included in the Millers Prime enhancement tier.

Vacant Land, Parking Garage & Parking Lot Coverage

Standard BOPs don’t include this. Millers Mutual will offer it with an adjusted premium.

Water Backup and Sump Overflow

Coverage of up to $25,000 available on both the Millers Value Plus and Millers Prime enhancement tiers.

Inland Marine

We will offer it with an adjusted premium.

Class Factors

For specific classes, we will adjust the premium based on Millers Mutual results … not industry results.

Incidental Restaurants Coverage

According to the industry, if even a small percentage of a habitational building’s total square footage includes a restaurant, the entire building must be classified as a restaurant (a much higher premium). Millers Mutual is doing a hybrid classification to keep premiums lower.

Year-Built Factor

Newer buildings – using newer materials and building standards – will have lower premiums.

Property Managers as Primary

We now have the ability to include Real Estate or Property Mangers on a primary basis as long as the property manager is performing duties on behalf of the named insured. Millers Mutual will not seek any contribution from them or any other insurance they may have available.

Superior Construction Factor

Millers Mutual may alter premiums based on superior construction methods and/or upkeep.
There are additional coverage upgrades such as higher Lock Replacement and Fine Arts amounts in our Millers Prime enhancement tier.
Available for underwriting in PA, DE, MD, NC, OH, VA and D.C.
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